‘Til the Season Comes Round Again

‘Til the Season Comes Round Again has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I love the version by Kenny Rogers.  I feel like this season came and went by faster than any other holiday season in the past.  Today, Chris and I took down all of our Christmas decorations and it was bittersweet as I felt like I just put them up 2 weeks ago.  The tree had seen it’s last day and it was telling us it was time to go (see picture below).  So as we packed up our boxes and got our house back to “normal” again, I couldn’t help but think about how much things have changed for Chris and I over the holidays and how much they are going to change in the future.  No, we aren’t traveling from place to place with a child (or two) in tow, but we are juggling multiple families.  We have been lucky that it just works out for us (at least it has so far) even though it is a really busy time.

Traditions are wonderful but they unfortunately have to change, too.  My family has been dealing with changing traditions for years and it has been difficult at times to even get our whole family together for more than 2 hours at a time during the holidays.  The good thing is, that traditions change, but not completely.  It’s almost like the evolve into something that works for everyone.  My family has a tradition that the angel does not go on the Christmas tree until everyone is present.  This year, it was late Christmas day before she even made it to the top, but it occurred and she was there, just maybe not in the same manor as it once was.

This season is more about being with family and friends rather than the time that it occurs; whether it be 2 days before Christmas or 3 days after.  You just have to live in the moment and enjoy every second with those special people in your life.  Be thankful you have that time and the people to spend it with.  So for now, let’s cherish what we have and thank God for every moment He has given or will give us.  Even though the holidays are over, His blessings continue on each and every day.


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