Out with the Old…

…and in with the new.  This past week has been ridiculously crazy and I am so exhausted that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay up much longer to tell you all about it.  Monday morning I arrived at work with one mission: move in to my new room.  My room was ready to go and I was ready to take it on.  I moved almost everything out of my old room and around the corner to my new room, creating a mountain of a mess for myself to eventually clean up.

Box after box and pile after pile, I moved myself to a beautiful new room with freshly painted walls, built in cabinets, and a desk big enough for me to keep everything at my fingertips.  It is perfect, with one small problem… I have way too much crap to fit in the room comfortably!  I have started getting rid of stuff as I go through each box and believe it or not, the worst part is the paper.  I have so much paper!  Copies of worksheets, galore.  I just want to have the time to go through it all.  I have set small goals for myself to accomplish over the last few months of school and I’m hoping that having a student teacher this semester will help me to be able to spend some time re-organizing my work life.

The first picture below is my old room and the last 3 are my new one (with lots and lots and lots of junk piled up!)

Displaying IMG_20150105_163635_682.jpg


Displaying IMG_20150105_163513_016.jpg


Displaying IMG_20150105_163504_519.jpg


Displaying IMG_20150105_163519_229.jpg


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