If you look up synonyms for discouraging in the thesaurus, is the first one “house hunting”?  If not, it really should be.  This process is beyond the most depressing, daunting, disheartening experience ever.  We’ve been on the hunt for our first home together since the beginning of October and have since found one house that we (both) wanted to put an offer on.

Unfortunately, last week, the owners declined our offer for a second time.  I wasn’t too discouraged at that time. For some reason, it wasn’t real until we had to start looking again. I really didn’t think it would be that hard to find a three bedroom, 1.5 bath (at least) house with a decent sized yard (we’re hoping for a half an acre, but we’re not picky as long as there is some usable space) and a 2 car garage, but it has proved to be very challenging.  The other day we sent our realtor 10 houses that we wanted to see on Sunday.  Upon meeting her at one of the houses, she informed us that 3 of them were already contingent, 1 needed a code that the realtor didn’t send her and one she still needed to contact.  As we looked around in the house (with a hell of a lot of negatives), she called the final one, only to inform us that an offer accepted the night before.  The other 3 houses we got to look at that day were just as disappointing as the first one.  One with mold in the basement, one with propane heating and cooking, well water and septic (which were the only negatives other than the fact that it was slightly above our price range), and one that I loved on the inside but hated the location.

We must keep looking but I find it so hard to keep moving on when the process has been nothing but impossible so far.  I am trying not to lose any hope.  I know God has plans for us and I trust them beyond doubt, but it is so hard to see beyond what is happening now.  There’s a house out there for us and I know it will be the perfect house for us.   I know we’ll be able to find the home that bring our first child home to and hopefully raise our children in.


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